Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Was just watching the politics of 2011

Today as me and some of my regular debating friends were discussing whether the dealing of so many low blows to the president has damaged him beyond redemption. What do you mean? I am so glad you asked. The African American community is hurting as a whole with many successful amongst our brothers and sisters. The point is for every bit of statistical data that is available, we are at the severe and critical end of every definable metric.

I am an American too; we hear of treasonous Tea Baggers whom have been so vile toward this president that the rhetorical assassination has become mainstream. They all owe a debt that cannot ever be paid to a people and a culture the viscerally hate.

I am an American too, the issues that we are facing are not complicated or complex as some would have you to believe. The president have many of my friends feeling as though he is too weak and has not mustered  the ability to bring about the change he promoted. The trajectory of the country is moved quite negativelyfor the average person; and hope for some positive and prosperous changes in the average person we know life seem to be getting bleaker.

That the president has failed to articulate a vision for Win the Future that his adversaries are supportive of, and we have to credit this to the way he begin. I have been writing and blogging in support of the president but felt he failed from the beginning with thinking he can change the race based politic so ingrained in American culture.

I am an American too, to allow the banking executives to not return our money they stole in the 2008 crash, to not prosecute Karl Rogue, and not clawing back the billions from the war profiteers created a Karl Rogue whom is spending millions to now defeat you, can anyone say crossroad GPS. The chamber of commerce, halliburton.

This makes the average person feel that the rich and well healed connected operates above the law and lets not speak of the supreme court.

The people need jobs and programs that are going to train people to Win the Future; Debt crisis. Stop playing the republican game. This is what happens when you become a victim of your own success. I am an American too, if God be for you he is more than the world against you.

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