Monday, August 15, 2011

The Great White Hope

I was recently reviewing the disrespect of the president and it came to me a interesting analogy, this appears to be a re-enactment of a 20th century phenomenon of the great Jack Johnson. That was a real black man of that time. Everyone knows the story; they first denied him any respect. The issue is they recruited the great white hope whom would once and for all beat this nigger back into his place.

The fact remains ricky perry seem to be the 21st century version of this phenom, he is the super conservative christian whom has to beat back this communist, socialist, black destroyer of the great white way of life. (WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK) the perry campaign relishes in the tea party politics of segregationist rhetoric which serves to divide rather than become inclusive to the reality of today.

The bible say beware of wolves in sheep clothing, I say if anyone claim to be a christian he would do the work of him whom came spreading the good news. Jesus stated the poor you will always have with you. This being the case, the true reflection of a christian has become corrupt in the political hypocracies of our pastors and leaders today. The founders understood the need for a seperation between church and state. Ricky Perry has used the State of Texas as his personal piggy bank to enrich himself and his friends in the best state that money can buy. The roads have been sold to private corporations but enforcment of paying for toll fees is by State police action.

These people are false prophets whom the indians stated as far ago as 1800s they speak with a forked tongue. The president has been so disrespected that even his friends believe he is a failure. That his leadership is in question and Tavis and Cornell is on the road to prove it. Which lead us back to the coming of the great white hope. more to come.

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