Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another George Bush

Today out of the heart of Texas I see a guy seeking to be president of the united states. I say looking at this red state speech, it appears that this is not only george bush light, but george bush with an arrogance that is surpassed only by God.

Mr. perry we don't need a preacher telling us whats best for us. The beauty if there is any of America is that we have the right to choose our own destiny. The right to choose do not mean that everything you do is right;and everything we do is wrong.

The state of Texas is creating low wage jobs that mostly illegal immigrants take, and the energy industry was not create by perry in spite of what he says, but by God. Did you put oil in the ground perry? Did you place natural gas there too. But God; I say this is the beginning of an expose on the politics of Texas the home of the good ole boy network in which perry is king.

The confederate spirit is alive and well in secessionist ricky.

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