Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RE: Mr. President SOS JOBS

This has been quite the year for politics, but one variable has not changed. The fact job creation has not been happening is a sinister indictment to the president that has allowed his vision to become entangled in a trap by his enemies.

Write the vision and make it plain. These times call for strength and purpose. The president is a brilliant and educated individual and so his analytical instincts are par excellent. This is the same rational reason he seem not to be in tune with the severity of the hurt the people are feeling out here on the ground.

Mr. President fight back with passion and let people know that you are fighting the good fight of faith. The proverb of the day is; it is better to fight and have lost; than to sit back prophisying and not to have fought at all. Your the president do something, the allowing of the continued extraction of our wealth and prosperity is a curse on this land. Everyone is aware that there is never going to be equity without a fight. Power concedes to no one without a fight.

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