Monday, October 13, 2014

RE: The Polls

I were just sitting here today and thinking about the good ole USA and once again a very crucial pivotal election is upcoming for people in Texas as I am it truly is a matter of life and death.

I am here in the great state of Texas and they have refused Obama care and everything that looks like Obama. The issue with Ebola and ISIS and fear mongering once again is taking center stage as we know that these people believe that if they scare enough people and keep enough people from voting that somehow they can retain power.

The meaning of them retaining power is deep because unlike Obama the other guys loot the treasury of trillions of dollars for their friends. The story here in Texas is one that incompetence and racist policies has led and will lead to more deaths. I am not surprised that Mr. Duncan died here for the simple fact he went to Presbyterian and did not have any insurance.

The hospital does not allow patients to admit anywhere but Parkland if you are poor and they will say anything to obscure this fact but for those of us dealing with the system here it is clear what happen in that man with Ebola whom presented with a fever over 100 and was sent home with a Tylenol.

The ugly truth is that the people whom need to vote here in Texas don't participate and then complain that we are dying here for a lack of basic respect in terms of healthcare and the candidate that addresses these issues should be the one voted  for here I believe Wendy Davis has to take over that governorship because the stakes are too high for apathy  where is our great preachers I don't have to mention the litany of all stars we have here. Get your people out and mobilized to vote they are the same ones whom need the healthcare.       

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