Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The subject of restoration and transformative psychology has intrigued our society for decades. The issues become more complex as we factor the mannor in which we deal with ethnic minorities. The death penalty as it relates to justice.

Could this brother be transformed and life rehabilitated or shall we continue in the blood lust that seem to overtake rationale thinking and the ideal of fairness and truth in our system.(Troy Davis) The evidence is shaky to say the least.

Why and how can we as a society so cavilierly kill a man when there is such a doubt that people from all spectrums of the political pursuasion has a doubt about this case.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The President Jobs & Cult of Hate

The fact this president came out as another compromise shouldn't surprise any of us whom want to see the presidents policies implemented. The vision has to become greater than the need of now. The people I see here in Texas has gave up many of them on landing another job.

The games have already done so much damage to the moral, to a point that we are going to have to show and tell this time. Talk is cheap and many unfortunate people are not going to vote because they fail to see the value of the process.

The process of recovery will be a long time coming for those who have not gained a new skill set to exploit in the digital world. There are many people who are afraid of computers and technology? I couldn't believe this until i started seeing it around some of the people i know.

The issue that will likely block the small jobs bill is the cult of hate.