Monday, August 15, 2011

The Great White Hope

I was recently reviewing the disrespect of the president and it came to me a interesting analogy, this appears to be a re-enactment of a 20th century phenomenon of the great Jack Johnson. That was a real black man of that time. Everyone knows the story; they first denied him any respect. The issue is they recruited the great white hope whom would once and for all beat this nigger back into his place.

The fact remains ricky perry seem to be the 21st century version of this phenom, he is the super conservative christian whom has to beat back this communist, socialist, black destroyer of the great white way of life. (WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK) the perry campaign relishes in the tea party politics of segregationist rhetoric which serves to divide rather than become inclusive to the reality of today.

The bible say beware of wolves in sheep clothing, I say if anyone claim to be a christian he would do the work of him whom came spreading the good news. Jesus stated the poor you will always have with you. This being the case, the true reflection of a christian has become corrupt in the political hypocracies of our pastors and leaders today. The founders understood the need for a seperation between church and state. Ricky Perry has used the State of Texas as his personal piggy bank to enrich himself and his friends in the best state that money can buy. The roads have been sold to private corporations but enforcment of paying for toll fees is by State police action.

These people are false prophets whom the indians stated as far ago as 1800s they speak with a forked tongue. The president has been so disrespected that even his friends believe he is a failure. That his leadership is in question and Tavis and Cornell is on the road to prove it. Which lead us back to the coming of the great white hope. more to come.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another George Bush

Today out of the heart of Texas I see a guy seeking to be president of the united states. I say looking at this red state speech, it appears that this is not only george bush light, but george bush with an arrogance that is surpassed only by God.

Mr. perry we don't need a preacher telling us whats best for us. The beauty if there is any of America is that we have the right to choose our own destiny. The right to choose do not mean that everything you do is right;and everything we do is wrong.

The state of Texas is creating low wage jobs that mostly illegal immigrants take, and the energy industry was not create by perry in spite of what he says, but by God. Did you put oil in the ground perry? Did you place natural gas there too. But God; I say this is the beginning of an expose on the politics of Texas the home of the good ole boy network in which perry is king.

The confederate spirit is alive and well in secessionist ricky.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RE: Mr. President SOS JOBS

This has been quite the year for politics, but one variable has not changed. The fact job creation has not been happening is a sinister indictment to the president that has allowed his vision to become entangled in a trap by his enemies.

Write the vision and make it plain. These times call for strength and purpose. The president is a brilliant and educated individual and so his analytical instincts are par excellent. This is the same rational reason he seem not to be in tune with the severity of the hurt the people are feeling out here on the ground.

Mr. President fight back with passion and let people know that you are fighting the good fight of faith. The proverb of the day is; it is better to fight and have lost; than to sit back prophisying and not to have fought at all. Your the president do something, the allowing of the continued extraction of our wealth and prosperity is a curse on this land. Everyone is aware that there is never going to be equity without a fight. Power concedes to no one without a fight.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Watching the Downgrade: "Letter to the President"

The recent downgrade of Americas AAA status is another distraction for an already damaged administration. The Obama administration is learning a life lesson that you cannot get from Harvard or Yale. There is not anything you can do to make a friend hate you. There is also not anything you can do to make an enemy like you. The ghetto has a saying about ,"they smile in your face and all the time they want to take your place. 'Back Stabbers.'


What more do you need to hear you are clearly missing the real message of the 2010 election. I tell you this, the people I know out here did not vote, the same way they are feeling about 2012. The fact is that there is no difference who is in office our plight remains the same.

This is not good for re-election of you Sir. The optimism we all felt is gone. Most feel it was stolen and I still support you and did vote in 2010. The people are very disappointed because know one gets 98% of what they want and leave the people the rest. The people deserve 98% we are suffering in this community in spite of being in Texas. The good ole boy system is alive and well here and in a down economy they utilize the power base here to suppress wages and job opportunities.

The downgrade is just a symptom of a bigger issue, the enemy construct is a self fulfilling prophesy, for months they create the uncertainty that created the uncertainty. We are looking for true leadership and diversity this means to take risks for the thing that is righteous.

The downgrade is meaningless in the big picture when the future is in jeopardy with the tea party control of policy. The people anticipate the leader to lead and step to the foe and dress him down through action and not just words.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Was just watching the politics of 2011

Today as me and some of my regular debating friends were discussing whether the dealing of so many low blows to the president has damaged him beyond redemption. What do you mean? I am so glad you asked. The African American community is hurting as a whole with many successful amongst our brothers and sisters. The point is for every bit of statistical data that is available, we are at the severe and critical end of every definable metric.

I am an American too; we hear of treasonous Tea Baggers whom have been so vile toward this president that the rhetorical assassination has become mainstream. They all owe a debt that cannot ever be paid to a people and a culture the viscerally hate.

I am an American too, the issues that we are facing are not complicated or complex as some would have you to believe. The president have many of my friends feeling as though he is too weak and has not mustered  the ability to bring about the change he promoted. The trajectory of the country is moved quite negativelyfor the average person; and hope for some positive and prosperous changes in the average person we know life seem to be getting bleaker.

That the president has failed to articulate a vision for Win the Future that his adversaries are supportive of, and we have to credit this to the way he begin. I have been writing and blogging in support of the president but felt he failed from the beginning with thinking he can change the race based politic so ingrained in American culture.

I am an American too, to allow the banking executives to not return our money they stole in the 2008 crash, to not prosecute Karl Rogue, and not clawing back the billions from the war profiteers created a Karl Rogue whom is spending millions to now defeat you, can anyone say crossroad GPS. The chamber of commerce, halliburton.

This makes the average person feel that the rich and well healed connected operates above the law and lets not speak of the supreme court.

The people need jobs and programs that are going to train people to Win the Future; Debt crisis. Stop playing the republican game. This is what happens when you become a victim of your own success. I am an American too, if God be for you he is more than the world against you.